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Radi 0.9.8


Version 0.9.8 introduced cloud publishing in Radi. The service supported all multimedia content types and offers one-click publishing, live data collection, and more. It's created by the same author as Radi. (NOTE: the service was shut down in November 2013 because it had only a few users and keeping it online was costing me too much money... Sorry!)

Read about it here: What's New in Radi v0.9.8 and get the app from the Download page.

Radi 0.9.7


This latest update improves performance with lots of layers, fixes bugs with video tracks and publishing, and improves the usability of keyframing. There is also a new timeline look that shows the opacity of a layer directly on the timeline. This makes it much easier to see where your layers are faded in and out, especially if you have lots of layers.

Check it out: What's New in Radi v0.9.7 — and of course visit the Download page to get the app.

Radi 0.9.6


Here's an upgrade that I'm quite happy about! Radi 0.9.6 adds some of the most requested features of all time:

Audio support. There's a new Audio element type for HTML5-compatible sound, and you can also change the soundtrack of a video element. So far this is pretty much the minimum level of support: sound can be played and trimmed, but Radi doesn't yet support mixing of multiple sounds within one element. (You can of course create multiple Audio elements in order to play multiple sounds at the same time.) In the future I hope to support mixing and volume keyframes.

Gradient fills for shapes, and SVG import for bringing editable vector graphics from other apps. (This should work much better than my previous attempt at an EPS importer.)

There are also fixes to script editing, new placement options (including "scale to fill browser window"), selection fixes, and new sharp UI graphics for Retina display Macs. Get the full details at: What's New in Radi v0.9.6. As usual, the updated app can be downloaded at the Download page.

Radi 0.9.5


This upgrade brings the modern OS X Lion document model, touchpad gestures for zoom & pan, and an experimental new default layout for document windows (but you can easily revert back to the previous look in the View menu).

There's also a major improvement in what you can do with Picture and Text layers, as their content can now change on the timeline using Content poses. This is the new name for what was previously Shape poses, and of course it still works for Shape layers as well.

See What's New in Radi v0.9.5, and get the update: Download

Radi 0.9.4


Interface improvement time again! Version 0.9.4 changes keyframe button behavior to be more intuitive (I hope), adds frame numbers to timeline, improves the Asset Library, adds new menu items and toolbar buttons... There's also a new blending mode supported for layers within Canvas elements, and better previews in a Shape layer's Inspector view.

Read about it at What's New in Radi v0.9.4, and get the update: Download

Radi 0.9.3


This is a minor release to address a handful of bugs and graphics issues. Details: What's New in Radi v0.9.3, and the update: Download

Radi 0.9.2


Radi 0.9.2 improves shape editing and color picking, revamps the Assets window, adds dynamic picture changing and more. Hopefully you'll also find this version to offer improved stability. Read more at What's New in Radi v0.9.2 and do the usual trip to the Download page to get the app.

Radi 0.9.1


Upgraded to OS X Mountain Lion? Then you absolutely should get this update. Version 0.9.1 is now signed with my Apple Developer ID, which should ensure that Radi is compatible with the default security settings on Mountain Lion. (If that's not the case on your Mac, please get in touch!)

This update also cleans up UI annoyances and bugs, improves feedback for keyframing, and adds support for animation expressions. See What's New in Radi v0.9.1 and get it at the Download page.

Radi 0.9 with WebGL effects


This release introduces a cutting-edge feature that I'm quite happy about: realtime visual effects using WebGL, without writing any code! I've got some demos, so check it out: Radi + WebGL

For the full details, see What's New in Radi v0.9, and of course download the update at the Download page.

Radi 0.8.4


Another small update with no big surprises. See What's New in Radi v0.8.4 for the mildly interesting details, then proceed to download the update at the Download page.

I've also made some progress on the Learn HTML5 Multimedia with Radi guidebook. One of these days, I'll get this written...

Radi 0.8.3


Here's another batch of bugfixes and small usability updates -- see What's New in Radi v0.8.3, and download the update at the Download page.

Radi 0.8.2


This is another Radi update that's focused on workflow and bug fixes — for the gritty details, check out What's New in Radi v0.8.2. The update is found at the Download page, as usual.

I've also made some progress with the Radi guidebook, Learn HTML5 Multimedia With Radi. The chapter on the user interface is now about 30% complete. It's going to be a while before the whole book is done...! But it doesn't necessarily have to be written in order, so if you have any requests about what topics you'd like to see covered next, please have a look at the table of contents in the link above and email me your request.

Radi 0.8.1


It's been a while since the last version. I've been steadily working on Radi on the side of other projects, and finally I've got an update wrapped up.

Although this version is just 0.8.1, there's quite a lot of improvements. No major new features this time — this update is all about fixing bugs and workflow annoyances.

In particular, I've tried to streamline the editing of vector shapes and to make the timeline easier to read and use. There are new faster selection modes, an Auto-pose feature for rapidly creating shape poses (i.e. frame-by-frame animation), and more.

Quite a few bugs were fixed too. A big Thank You to everyone who has written to me with bug reports and other feedback! Hopefully you'll find this latest version to be moving in the right direction. Have a look at the complete list of improvements: What's New in Radi v0.8.1. And of course install the update: Download

Radi 0.8 and updated site


I'm happy to offer another update to Radi. The new version has a bunch of major new features:

Check out the full details: What's New in Radi v0.8, and as usual, get the update from the download page.

The Radi website's front page has also been updated. I've added new screenshots and more info about how Radi compares to other HTML5 editing apps.

Radi 0.7.1 does patterns and script parameters


Here's an update with a big new feature that I'm very happy about: Radi finally supports patterns. You can now apply textures and gradients to animated shapes, and these fill patterns should be correctly published to the web, whether you're targetting video or canvas animation.

There's a dozen example patterns included in this update, but you don't have to settle for those. Patterns in Radi are fully editable using the Conduit Editor. This is a really powerful feature, as Conduit's node-based interface means virtually unlimited possibilities for modifying the pattern image. (I'm hoping to write something about patterns and layer effects in Radi soon.)

Also included in this 0.7.1 update are script parameters. This feature makes it quite a bit easier to explore values in custom rendering scripts. Parameters are basically JavaScript variables with visual controls, so you can just drag the parameter value and see the rendering updated in the Radi viewer.

For more details, see: What's New in Radi v0.7.1, and get the update from the download page.

(Looks like I forgot to deliver the 0.7 release notes last time. Here they are, finally: What's New in Radi v0.7)

Radi 0.7, and a new animation tutorial


Radi 0.7 is here! Get it from the download page. It's got serious improvements in keyframing, layer parenting, clipping, and a very slight UI update to better match OS X Lion... Unfortunately I'm too short on time right now to write up the complete list of changes, but I'll do that after the weekend.

Don't despair, I have something better for you than an ordinary change log! There is a new tutorial available: Creating Vector Animation in Radi. It shows off some of the new features in 0.7 as well.

Clipping and texting: Radi 0.6.3


The Radi 0.6.3 update is now available. This version makes clip layers functional within <canvas> elements. Previously this functionality only worked in video and image elements, but now it's available for realtime canvas-based shapes as well. (A clip layer is a simple but useful concept: it's a layer whose shape is used as the mask to the layer below. You could think of the clip layer as a stencil — only paint that falls within the stencil ends up on the canvas.)

Also included are improvements to text layers. You can now create multi-line text, and specify whether a text layer is dynamically rendered within a canvas element. This allows for easy realtime updates of text content.

For more details, see What's New in Radi v0.6.3, and get the update from the download page.

By the way, I've done some experiments with porting Radi to Windows. It's very early, but I did manage to get something up and running — click here for a screenshot. Would you be interested in a Windows version? If so, please drop me a line; my email is pauli at lacquer dot fi...

The Mac is of course still my primary target, and I'm absolutely not going to cut any Mac-specific features just to make a cross-platform app. It just happens that most of the Radi rendering core was already ported to Windows as part of my previous projects, and I'd like to explore that path further if there's interest.

Fixing bugs: Radi 0.6.2


Another week, another update. Radi 0.6.2 focuses on fixing bugs. Video previews are improved, iOS video playback now works as it's supposed to, and audio publishing should now work with 24-bit audio tracks as well.

There was a significant piece of functionality missing in the last couple of versions -- the 'Video settings' controls that are supposed to be shown when you select a video element had gone missing (this was due to a stupid typing error on my part...) It's now back, so you can control the export quality and whether to include audio in the video files or not.

For more information, check out What's New in Radi v0.6.2, and get the update from the download page.

More keyframing improvements: Radi 0.6.1


Last week I promised I'd keep a better pace with updates, so here's Radi 0.6.1. I'm happy with this version because it delivers much improved keyframing that has been on my to-do list for a while. You can now control whether keyframes are automatically created, for one thing. Autosmoothing for keyframe curve points also now works properly, so you can make much smoother animations easily.

Have a look at What's New in Radi v0.6.1, and get the update from the download page.

Something new, finally — Radi 0.6


At long last, I've finished another update! Version 0.6 adds enough new stuff that the version bump is warranted, in my opinion: keyframing improvements, anchor points for layers, improved publishing of embeddable HTML, a new help system... Check out the whole package, What's New in Radi v0.6, and get the update from the download page.

I've started a documentation wiki for Radi. There's not much there yet, I'm afraid... I've written a brand new tutorial on embedding Radi in web pages, so that's at least a start. I'm hoping to fill out the User's Guide in the coming weeks.

I'm hoping to reduce the delay between Radi updates. If you've got ideas for what should happen next, I'm all ears -- my email is pauli /at/ lacquer (dot) fi.

Radi 0.5.6 available


This version introduces element timing, so you can use the timeline more like a video editor.
What's New in Radi v0.5.6

As usual, get it from the download page.

Radi 0.5.5 available


Undo/redo is finally here! Also, the new WebM (VP8) video format by Google is now automatically supported:
What's New in Radi v0.5.5

Get it from the download page.

Radi 0.5.4 available


Another update to Radi is now available. This one focuses on timeline improvements. I'm experimenting with a new concept of timeline events that are integrated directly into the timeline, above the keyframes. Check it out:
What's New in Radi v0.5.4

Get it from the download page.

Do you like these changes? Let me know what you think.

Radi 0.5.3 available


Happy New Year 2011!

There's a new version of Radi out. Grab it from the download page and read all about the changes:
What's New in Radi v0.5.3

This update concentrated on improvements to publishing and the viewer UI. For example: you can now include audio in your published videos, and there are finally some keyboard shortcuts for editing layers. Whew. I'll be working on undo support next.

Radi 0.5.2 available


Another update is out! Get it on the download page. You can read the details about the update here:
What's New in Radi v0.5.2

Probably the most interesting news here is some baby steps towards interactivity. Check out this new sample: Hokusai's horse, interactive version. The buttons on the right-hand side are image elements with 'click' event handlers attached to them. There is a new panel in the Inspector where you can set up event scripts. It even does some of the function setup for you.

To support this kind of interaction between elements, there's a new "scene root" object -- there's more about in in the change log.

Also included is fixes for correct iPhone/iPad video playback and some smaller fixes.

I'm aware of the severe need for keyboard shortcuts. I'm going to work on the layer UI for the next iteration, to fix some of those basic shortcomings and bugs which currently make the app less than pleasant to use. Thanks for your patience...!

Radi 0.5.1 available


First, thank you all for the great response to Radi! I'm humbled and encouraged by the positive feedback I've received about this project in two days, especially considering I used just one completely informal outlet to tell the world about the release. (Hacker News, you rock my world.)

I've now put together a first update to version 0.5.1. It includes some bug fixes and HTML publishing improvements. There's one sort-of-big new feature: you can now do some simple dynamic layout with your elements on the web page. The layout is applied when the user resizes the browser window, so you can use this feature to easily create e.g. centered elements, or elements that are fixed to the bottom border of the browser window.

To install the update, go to the download page, redownload the app, and copy the new version over the old one.

I'm aware that it's not easy to start learning this app without any documentation. I'm hoping to write some tutorials soon. If you have any suggestions about topics or specific workflows you'd like to see adressed, please don't hesitate to get in touch. (You can find my email address by clicking "Contact" in the menu on the left.)

There is also now an email newsletter for Radi happenings. If you'd like to be informed ASAP when a new version or some related content becomes available, why not sign up for the newsletter?

Here's the complete change log for Radi 0.5.1:

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